Cairns and Cenotaphs

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Bethany Consolidated School Division #161
Cameron S.D. #178
Clanwilliam Cenotaph
Crocus Hill S.D. #1-48

Edna Church

Edna ChurchHoly Trinity Edna Church "To the Glory of God” cairn was erected in 1969 in memory of the pioneers who built the church in 1900 and to the work and faith of those who followed.

ADDRESS: NE 16-14-17W

Edna School

1891 – 1950  S.D. No. 664

Established in 1891, the original school was erected in 1892 on the site with teacher and barn at a cost of $700.  A wood frame one room school which served until 1930, at which time it was renovated.  A basement was installed with furnace and toilets.

The school served the district for educational and social purposes.

Due to consolidation, the school closed in 1949.

Erected in July 1987, the cairn was dedicated to the district pioneers, teachers, trustees and students.

ADDRESS: NW 23-14-17W

Glenburney School

Glenburney School District #387 was organized in April 1885. It was located in the R.M. of Odanah southeast of Minnedosa. A wood frame school house was built on S.E. 14-13-17W.
This school opened in May 1887 and served the district for almost 50 years. As early as 1892, the schoolhouse was also used for church services until a church was built across the road at 15-13-17.
The church closed in about 1920 and was later dismantled. In 1934, a new schoolhouse was built on the site of the church and the old school was used as a community hall until its removal in 1956. The Glenburney School closed in 1967 and the school district was dissolved the following year.

ADDRESS: SW 14-13-17W

Grant Park

Grey School #1356

Havelock School

Havelock School District No 1514 was organized in 1909-10 because of the increase in the population in the area a few miles south of Minnedosa, where a large number of Swedish families and other nationalities had recently settled. The school was built in 1910 at a cost of $1650 and opened for classes in April 1911. The school was located 3 miles south of Minnedosa on the west side of what is now Provincial Road 262. Because of the vote for a larger school district the school was closed in 1966. Mrs Vint was the last teacher to have the assignment at the Havelock school. Three generations of students had attended the school since 1910.

The cairn is dedicated to the memory of the pioneer families, teachers and Pupils.  Their strength and courage, our heritage.

The Havelock School is now located in the Minnedosa Heritage Village.

ADDRESS: NE 22-14-18W

Hazelwood School

Hunterville Church

November 4, 1904 – June 27, 1993
The original location of the Hunterville Church was at the junction of #10 and #24 highways, four miles east of Rapid City. The church was built on an acre of land donated by Mrs. W. Hunter thus the name Hunterville. It was built in 1904 and opened for services on November 4, 1904 as a Presbyterian Church. Services were held in the homes of the pioneers previous to the opening of the new church. Mr. George Grant donated a beautiful Communion Set. The first wedding in Hunterville Church, Grace McNaughton and George Grant, took place on Tuesday March 22, 1906.

The Church has been moved, and is now located in the Minnedosa Heritage Village.

ADDRESS: SW 30-13-18W

Lakelet S.D. #229

Lornedale School

Moore Park School

The Moore Park School District No. 1008 was formed in 1911 from two other districts:  North half of Aikenside No. 147 (N.E. 24-12-18) and all of Marlborough No. 1008 (12-13-18W. Odanah).

In 1911 a new two-room school was built of brick with a cement and field stone basement and a "bell-less” bell tower.

This school served the community for 56 years until 1967 when it was closed and the district was incorporated into Rolling River School Division No. 39.

Through the years the students were transported by horse and van, by car and later, by school division buses.

The carin was erected in 1994 on the original site 6-13-17 Odanah to commemorate and honour the pioneers, students, teachers and trustees who served this district and community.

GPS: N50° 03.978′ W099° 46.976′ 
ADDRESS: SE 6-13-17W

Moore Park United Church

1914 – 1972
The cairn has been erected as a tribute to the pioneers who built the church and to all who worshiped and labored there until its closing.  The church was formerly situated in the hamlet of Moore park, where it served the community for 58 years.  It has since been removed.

ADDRESS: SE 6-13-18W

Rookhurst School

The cairn is dedicated to the memory of the families who settled in the Rookhurst District.

They built the first school No. 432 on the NE quarter of 36-13-18 in 1887 with classes, grade 1-8 commencing August 1st of that year.

The building also served as a meeting place for community events.  Highlights being the annual Christmas concert, church services, and meetings of the Manitoba Grain Growers Association.

Special mention  is made of the dedicated teachers who taught the pupils from 1887 to 1964 when the school closed.

A highlight of the Rookhurst District was the annual picnic.  Its’ popularity and interest prompted the trustees to purchase additional land to accommodate sporting events and to provide the pupils with additional space for athletic activities.

ADDRESS: SE 1-14-18W

Roseneath School #691

Following a meeting in March 1892, the Roseneath School was built on S.E. 33-13-18 in the R.M. of Odanah, southwest of Minnedosa. In 1895, due to lack of students, the school was moved to N.E. 27-13-18. The school continued to serve at this location until March 1920 when it was destroyed by fire. The following year, a consolidated school district was formed and in 1922 a new, two room school was built on N.E. 21-13-18. Roseneath School closed in 1966 and the school house was moved to Rapid City where it became a private residence.

Cairn was erected in 1983 and dedicated to Roseneath S.D. 691.

1892 – 1966

ADDRESS: NE 21-13-18W

St. Saviours Anglican Church

St. Savior’s Anglican Church was located in the R.M. of Odanah on S.W. 15-13-18. The church was opened and dedicated on May 6th, 1894 by Archbishop Machray of Rupert’s Land. The small wooden structure served the community faithfully until September 23rd, 1956 when the last service was held at St. Savior’s. The church building was relocated to the Homesteaders Village at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum at Austin, MB. Here, it was fully restored and re-opened to the public in 1973. This historic little church continues to be used for weddings and special services.

"1883 – 1956 The cairn was erected to the glory of god and in memory of those pioneers who built on the site.”

ADDRESS: SW 15-13-18W

Tremaine School

1887 – First structure – called Oak Grove School #502 on the NE corner 30-13-18.
1892 – Moved to SE 36-13-19 and named Tremaine.
1915 – Last structure built on the east side of NE 25-13-19
1968 –  Closed in June due to consolidation

The cairn pays tribute to the Tremaine pioneers (parents, teachers, trustees) who provided this community with their educational, cultural and social contributions.

ADDRESS: SW 30-13-18W