Policies and Procedures

Water and Sewer Policy

Snow and Ice Removal

The Town of Minnedosa is responsible for the snow and ice removal from town streets with the exceptions of 16A, Main Street, 6th Avenue, N.W. and 2nd Avenue, S.E. which are maintained by the Dept. of Highways.

The goal of The Town of Minnedosa is to provide reasonable snow and ice control on the streets it maintains, in a safe and cost effective manner.

The Town will:

  • monitor weather and road conditions
  • maintain streets in a reasonably safe driving condition
  • remove snow and ice in a timely manner as required
  • perform all maintenance tasks equally in the best interest of The Town of Minnedosa ratepayers
Note: In the following "the town” refers to the Public Works superintendent or his/her designate.

The start of snow removal operations will depend on immediate and anticipated weather conditions. Snow removal will begin in the south west corner, progressing to the south east corner then to the north end of town. These routes may vary due to weather conditions. Some streets may be left unplowed until later in the plowing operation if it is determined that traffic volumes do not warrant immediate plowing. Back lanes will be plowed as time permits once main plowing operations have commenced. Under severe conditions streets may not be plowed full width or plowing may be stopped until it is safe to continue. Factors that may delay snow removal and sanding operations are severe cold, high winds, reduced visibility and rapid accumulations of snow. Under normal conditions snow removal and sanding operations will be completed within 48 hours of a storms passing. Accumulations of snow after normal working hours will be removed at the discretion of the town, when possible removal will be completed on the next regular work day. Factors for after hour call out include large accumulations of snow, excessive drifting or extremely icy conditions. Accumulations of snow from the plowing operations left in private driveways is the responsibility of the resident for removal, snow is not to be placed back on plowed streets. Operators will make every effort to keep accumulations to a minimum.

Town equipment will be utilized for the snow removal and sanding operations unless excessive work load requires contracted equipment to be hired or rented.

Snow removal and sanding operations will be determined by the immediate or anticipated weather conditions at the discretion of the town. Snow removal and sanding operations will occur during regular work hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or on a specific call out situation at the discretion of the town. Work outside regular hours will be done in accordance to union contract. For emergency situations (fire, police, medical) necessary equipment will be dispatched as soon as possible. Emergency requests must be received directly from the police, fire or emergency services.

Snow Storage
Snow and ice removal will require the use of town right-of-ways and property for snow storage. Depending on volume of snow, storage of snow may create sight obstructions for motorists and pedestrians. Snow piled on right-of-ways will be removed if deemed necessary by the town.

Sanding operations will use the routes opened by the plowing operations. Some areas may be sanded prior to and following snow plowing if conditions deem it necessary. A mixture of 5% to 10% salt to sand mixture will be used, this is designed for traction rather than melting to bare pavement. Under normal conditions only intersections and hills will be sanded in residential areas. Downtown areas are sanded at a higher rate due to increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Right-of-Way Encroachments
Landscaping including trees and inanimate materials that are installed by the resident on town right-of-way, will be the responsibility of the resident. The resident will accept all risk and damage due directly or indirectly to snow removal operations will not be eligible for compensation. The town will not assume any responsibility for damage to above ground or underground sprinkler systems, exterior lighting or personal property stored on town right-of-way.

Sidewalks are cleaned as time and budget allow, the downtown area is first priority fanning out to the residential area if time allows. The main responsibility for snow and ice removal on sidewalks is on the resident and business owner to clear their frontage.

Requests and Complaints
Requests and complaints will be taken at the Town of Minnedosa office during regular working hours and forwarded to the Public Works supervisor for consideration.

Grants to Organizations

The Town receives a number of requests for donations, contributions or other types of monetary support from numerous organizations within the community. All the requests and projects are worthwhile and the all the organizations are important and their work is very much appreciated. These organizations and their projects have greatly enhanced the Town of Minnedosa. However, it is becoming more difficult each year to grant all the requests and keep the annual budget in line. To fund some requests and not others, to not discourage volunteerism by limiting the amount of funding to each organization, have become difficult choices for council to make.

To better administer the granting of money to various organizations, council has developed a new policy that is intended to establish guidelines that will make the granting of money to organizations fair, consistent, and keep the funding within budget limits.

a) Organizations are asked to submit funding requests and projects for the upcoming year by November 30th.
b) Organizations requesting financial support are required to provide the following information:

A report on the organization’s activities for that year including:
  • any projects they started and/or completed,
  • any change in the executive or the mandate of the organization, any significant change in the membership (e.g. Reduction in numbers, etc.)
  • a financial summary of their operations for the current year (specifically other sources of revenue that they have accessed or tried to access)
  • a report on the amount of work done by volunteers and by hired staff
For new projects that are being planned to be built on town owned property the organization must first submit construction plans for preapproval to the Town. Preapproval requests will require:
  • A full description and an explanation of the project
  • The proposed location, including a site plan that indicates drainage, servicing, and maintenance considerations.
  • A design of the project including measurements and any other details available,
  • Total estimated costs of the project and proposed method of financing the project to completion,
  • And a proposed long-term maintenance and care plan for the project, detailing who would be responsible for the maintenance of the project, for the next 5-10 years.
Prior to receiving the actual funding in the next fiscal year, organizations requesting funding in access of $1000 will be required to submit to the town an audited financial statement or to have made other special arrangement with the CAO.

Residential Development Incentive Program

Housing is an important feature in every community. It is expected that there will be a demand for more than 5 housing units per year in Minnedosa based on the recent growth trends of the community. Affordable housing opportunities are necessary to make Minnedosa competitive with other communities. Growth and expansion of residential areas may be somewhat restricted by the local terrain conditions and a long term strategy is necessary to meet the housing demand in an affordable way. Infilling and revitalization of existing built-up areas should be recognized as the most economical means of accommodating residential development as the infrastructure is already in place. These lots may not be as desirable for new housing as the newly developed areas but should be promoted as being more economical for the town and more affordable for residential developers.

The Town will initiate a single-family housing development initiative to address the predicted demand for housing in the community and to stimulate the Town’s economy by attracting new construction. Two types of residential development subsidies are provided.

TYPE A (New residential development)

  • The incentive must be fair, consistent, and apply to all new single residential housing developments within the limits of the Town.
  • This incentive shall not apply to commercial housing or institutional housing.
  • The Town will refund to the homeowner, the dollar value of the building permit upon proof of final inspection and clearance from the building inspector.
  • That homeowners will be required to complete an application form for refund of the building permit fee as well as to provide any other documentation required to substantiate their application for this grant.
TYPE B (Infill residential housing)

  • That new residential infill housing will receive the benefits of Type A housing and,
  • New residential construction on in-fill lots (that is lots that have not been developed or subdivided within the past 10 years) shall not be subject to added taxes in the current year of construction.

Land Use Policy

Subject: Town Land Use, Lease, Sale
Authority: Resolution 04-25
Date Approved: February 10, 2004

To provide for a consistent procedure for the sale of, lease of, and use of, all Town owned, unoccupied, unused land.

For all town owned land either serviced, preserviced, or unserviced the attached Schedule "A” will be followed in regards to price, legal, survey and transfer costs. All offers will be reviewed based on the particular detail of the land, location and proposal.