Board Committees

Appointments to the Standing Committees of Council 2022-2026

General Government Services

Chair:  Robert Marks

Members:  Marc Landry, Grant Butler   

Protective Services

Chair:  Marc Landry

Members:  Frank Taylor, Tom Dowsett        

Public Works and Utility  

Chair:  Frank Taylor

Members:  Marc Landry, Robert Marks

Planning and Development Services

Chair:  Grant Butler

Members:  Frank Taylor, Tom Dowsett

Recreation and Cultural Services

Chair:  Mark Blais

Members:  Robert Marks, Tom Dowsett

Committees and Boards

Minnedosa & District Veterinary Board

Councilor:  Marc Landry

C/O Lorna Hislop, Treasurer

Rec Governance Committee

Mayor:  Ken Cameron

Town Councilors:  Grant Butler, Mark Blais, Tom Dowsett

RM Councilors: Ron Carr, Craig Pearson

CAO:  James Doppler

Parks & Recreation Manager:  Cassandra Groen

Minnedosa Community Centre Board

Councilor: None

Minnedosa Regional Library

Councilor:  Tom Dowsett


Representatives:  Marg McAulay, Jan Brunside, Bill Hopkins, Shelley Hume

Minnedosa Centennial Handivan Board

Councilor:  None

Chair:  Len Luker (not Town appointed) 

Representatives:  Garry MacDowall, Gaytan Perez, Thelma James, Lillian Antoniw

Service to Seniors

Councilor:  None


Representatives:  Yvonn e Chambers

Minnedosa Foundation

Councilor:  None

Chair:  Gaylene Johnson (RM)

Representatives:  Jean Garbolinsky, Sean Dyck, Cheryl Johnson, Harvey Wedgewood, Corrine Topham, Terry McLenehan

Minnedosa & District Health Foundation

Councilor:  None

Chair:  Lynne Betteridge (RM)

Representatives:  Susan Hyde, Esther Robertson

Tanner's Crossing Planning District Board

Councilors:  Frank Taylor, Grant Butler, Tom Dowsett


Mayor:  Ken Cameron (as per Articles of Incorporation of the CDC)

Councilor:  Grant Butler

Assisted Living

Councilor:  Grant Butler

Minnedosa & District Golf Club Inc.

Councilor:  None

Chair:  Grant Spraggs

Assiniboine West Watershed District

Councilor:  Mark Blais

Contact:  Anne Davidson

Representatives:  Rick Cooper

Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association 

Mayor:  Ken Cameron

Evergreen Environmental Technologies Inc.

Councilor:  Frank Taylor

Minnedosa Community Archives

Councilor:  Robert Marks

Representatives:  Darryl Holyk

Spruce Plains Justice Committee

Councilor:  Marc Landry

Chair:  Len Luker

Yellowhead Regional Skills & Service

Councilor:  Robert Marks

Heritage Village

Councilor:  Mark Blais

Representatives:  Barb Kingdon

Minnedosa Lake Enhancement Committee

Councilors:  Mark Blais, Grant Butler, Robert Marks

Representatives:  Todd Rathwell, Tamra Rapsky, Scott Lamont, Colleen Cuvelier, Barry Book, Barry McPhail

Communities in Bloom

Chair:  Kathy Grant

Secretary:  Shannon Wedgewood

Treasurer:  Susan Carlson

Dr Ajai Khandelwal Primary Care Centre

Representatives:  Rick Bilcowski