Animal Control

In 2007, the Town of Minnedosa enacted the Animal Control By-Law. For the updated (August, 2018) by-law, click here: By-Law 2562 Animal Control

The bylaw covers the following major topics (as well as additional topics) and all residents and animal owners should familiarize themselves with the by-law in its entirety.

  • Establishment of a pound and the appointment of an Animal
  • Control Officer and Pound Keeper
  • Licensing of Dogs and Cats
  • Rabies Vaccinations
  • Responsibilities of Dog and Cat Owners
  • Restrictions on Domestic Pets
  • Limitations as to the Number of Animals
  • Teasing and Enticing of Animals
  • Neglect and Ill-Treatment
  • Dangerous Animals
  • Offences Under the By-Law
  • Interference with Enforcement