Minnedosa Cemetery is located straight east of the town tower clock upon a hill. The original cemetery was in the south east part of town, close to where the hospital stands now. No early records exist and no visible evidence of early graves can be seen today. A number of graves and stones were moved to the present cemetery when it was begun, but the date here is also unknown.
The earliest burial date on a stone is 1875 in Section A which has a tree lined avenue down the west side. There are over 3000 burials listed in a book at the Town Office. The newest area, Section G, is our cremation section, which overlooks a spectacular view of the Town of Minnedosa and our lake. Our cemetery is one of very few cemeteries in Canada that has this viewing. Minnedosa Cemetery has traditional and cremations plots available for sale and may be pre-purchased at the Town Office.
Columbarium Niches to hold 2 urns are also for sale. These are situated to the east of the Cremation Section. Further information should be directed to the Town Office at 867-2727.

Oldest people buried here
Shorrock, Elizabeth Jane – Age 107, burial in 2007
Funnell, Lorena May – Age 106, burial in 1993

Question: Why do burials face the East?
When the second Messiah comes, he will be coming to Jerusalem and He will be coming at Dawn. In the beginning, everyone was buried facing Jerusalem. Now, because we are so wide spread, everyone is just facing east awaiting dawn and the Second Coming.

Cemetery Rates (as of November 14, 2012)

Cost Of Plots

Traditional – $300.00
Baby Section – $200.00
Cremation Section Only – $200.00 – 4’ x 5’ = 4 cremations and one 1’x 4’ ground level headstone
Columbarium Niche $800.00 – Lettering Cost: Guinn Bros 204-476-2903 or Rapid City Memorials 204-826-2161

Opening & Closing

Traditional Burial – $425.00 – Weekend Rates $525.00
Infant Burial – $130.00 – Weekend Rates $230.00
Cremation $130.00 – Weekend Rates $230.00
Columbarium $150.00 – Weekend Rates $250.00

Administration Fee $100.00 will be applied to all burials for anyone outside of the Town of Minnedosa. No admin fees for Legion Section.

Weekend rates include any holiday, weekend, after 4:00 on a weekday or burials with less than 48 hours notice.


  • Must be mounted on a cement foundation constructed at least 4″ longer and wider than the base of the headstone. No fence or wall may be erected above ground level
  • Sections E, G – Headstones shall be at ground level
  • Section F – Plots will be sold concurrently only

Columbarium Niche Regulations

  • Niches shall be single or double occupancy only
  • Choice of lettering styles and layouts shall be similar to Columbarium Niche Lettering Layout Samples
  • Epitaphs are not allowed
  • Attachments such as bronze flower holders are not permitted
Disinterment Fees
  • 3 times the prevailing open/close rate

Legion Members

Contact Waine Mansell at 204-867-5675 (Cell: 204-867-0177)

No charge for plot, Opening & Closing fees only.
**Advise if wife is to be buried here.**
First Row-Cremations only.
Eligibility & Procedures list in Current File from the Legion. This may be done thru funeral director.

Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery

Contact Marie Wonsul at 204-867-3477 or Leslie/May Zariwney at 204-849-2240.

Agreement with Church located in Current File.

ByLaw No. 2519

Minnedosa Funeral Services