Water Utility

Water Treatment Plant

Garth Johnson is our water treatment plant operator, who is responsible for the meter readings, water testing, and flushing. If any problems arise with your water, he may be reached at our water plant, which is located south of Uncle Tom’s restaurant, or by calling 868-5036 (cell). Please be advised, that if a problem occurs with the pipe itself, the municipality is liable up to the curb stop only and you are responsible for the rest of the pipe which enters your home.

Water Bills

Water bills are sent out quarterly, at the end of March, June, September, and December. Water rates are set in accordance with the Public Utilities Board, and are currently set at $11.68/1000 gallons.

Late Payment

You are given 30 days to pay your utility bill, if no payment has been received by the due date, a penalty of 1 ¼ % is charged, and you will receive a letter informing you that your account is in arrears. The base amount as well as the penalty must then be received, or your water will be disconnected and the outstanding amount will be added to your taxes. A $50.00 re-connection fee will then be charged to have the water turned back on.


Please phone the office at least two weeks in advance to let us know your move out date, in order for a final meter reading to be taken.  Also you must advise us of your forwarding address and the new owners name if possible.

New Hook-ups

The Municipality is always willing to provide new hook-ups to residents.  Any interested ratepayer must fill out an application form and return it to the R.M. office.  Currently the minimum payment for the water connection is $15,000, this price increases depending on distance to the existing line.   Once the application form and cheque are received, the Municipality will advertise for tenders to install the pipeline.